Author page: Jonny Wilkinson

Deforestation in Brazil wiping out ancient tree species

An araucaria forest in a conservation area in Brazil where it is safe from deforestation

What’s going on here?  Deforestation in Brazil could wipe out an ancient, Jurassic-era tree species in just 50 years. What does this mean? Brazil’s critically endangered araucaria tree could be gone by 2070 because of illegal logging and deforestation for public works, reports Mongabay. These distinctive, candelabra-like trees (Araucaria angustifolia) once covered an area about double the size of Portugal. Now logging…

Lords vote down government plans to suppress disruptive protests

Extinction Rebellion protest on a sunny day in London: the photo is taken among a crowd of XR protestors facing a green XR flag.

What’s Going On Here? The government’s “highly oppressive” plans to suppress disruptive protests were met with a string of defeats in the House of Lords on Monday – some good news for Kill the Bill campaigners and eco activists. The government’s proposed changes to the police and crime bill, were a response to climate protests from Insulate Britain. The group had blocked…

Scientists to map “invaluable ally” in climate crisis: world’s fungi networks

Fungi networks

What’s Going On Here? Scientists have come up with a plan to save an “invaluable ally” in the climate crisis – sprawling underground networks of fungi that absorb and store carbon dioxide. The new project, from the Society for the Protection of Underground Networks (SPUN), will map the mysterious fungal web for the first time, helping scientists locate those most under threat.…