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How to be an activist – first hand advice from some seasoned climate campaigners

A blue sticker with the extinction rebellion logo on is stuck on a lampost

Here at Curious.Earth we often tell you to take part in climate action, or to join a climate group – but what does that really mean? If you don’t already have friends who are in climate groups and you’ve not taken part in activism before, the thought of turning up to a meeting can be daunting. What goes on? What do climate…

I believe that we will win – a round up of climate success stories

Climate activists in kayaks hold up signs that say 'Shell No'

Every day climate activists are making huge wins, and so much change is being made by grassroots campaigners working in their communities. We’ve highlighted a selection of climate campaign wins here.  Whether you’re a seasoned activist, or just starting a new year’s resolution to take more action for the climate, hopefully these success stories will inspire you to get involved.

The Golf Game isn’t up to Scratch 

A person plays golf on a flat green lawn with no trees in front of a large stately building

In August 2022, French climate activists filled in holes at golf courses near Toulouse with cement. In July 2023, Spanish activists followed suit, filling in holes at courses across Spain with soil and planting seedlings on the courses. The reason? Protesting golf’s very thirsty use of water in times of drought. At a time of unprecedented heatwaves and droughts fuelled by the…

Is 17 Degrees Really That Hot? Record Breaking Global Temperatures Explained

an image of a thermometer over a bright blue sky with a blazing sun. The temperature on the thermometer reads over 40 degrees celsius.

What’s going on here? The first week of July this year saw record breaking global average temperatures. On Monday 3rd July a record high temperature of 17.01 degrees celsius was reached. This record was immediately broken on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th ofJuly with temperatures of 17.18 degrees. What does this mean? These temperatures may not seem very high, but this is…

I can show you the world… with satellites and citizen science

A photo of a satellite in space orbiting the earth with the sun rising

Earlier this month the Scottish government announced they were considering an annual LIDAR scan of all Scotland’s forests. The project would allow high-level and up-to-date monitoring of forest cover, giving insights into biodiversity and progress on climate targets. Large scale monitoring like this takes place all over the world, and is vital if we want to protect species and ecosystems for generations…

Could rewilding be a natural solution for carbon capture and storage?

A photo of a wolf standing in a green forest

What’s going on here? A new study published in Nature Climate Change suggests that rewilding could have a bigger impact on climate change than previously thought. The study shows that protecting wild animals can act as a natural method for carbon capture and storage (CCS). What does this mean? The research shows that animals like whales, wolves, and sea otters can play…

Can we really afford cheap clothing?

a photo of a garment factory

Many of us know that fast fashion is harming the planet – we have previously written about the environmental impact of clothing manufacturing and the amount of plastics in clothing. But fast fashion also has a huge social cost, impacting the garment workers who manufacture our clothing and the communities that get left to clean up our discarded items. However, dealing with…