Author page: Juliet Robertstone

Beyond Veganuary: How climate change is affecting our food supply, and what we can do about it.

an aerial photo of two harvester machines moving across a wheat field

It is well documented that our addiction to meat and dairy is harming the planet, emitting nearly 15% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. Campaigns like Veganuary encourage us to switch to plant-based diets in order to reduce our impact on the climate. Because of this, veganism is on the rise and many of us, especially in January, are thinking more consciously…

Carbon neutral claims based on ‘useless’ offsets, reveals Bloomberg

wind farm

What’s going on here? Many large companies, including airlines and energy companies – notoriously big emitters – claim to be carbon neutral. They do so by purchasing carbon offsets: paying to reduce carbon somewhere else to compensate for their own emissions. But a new report by Bloomberg Green uncovers that these offsets are mostly low quality, and potentially useless. What does this…