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Stories from the Frontline: Stop EACOP

StopEACOP campaigners marching with a banner and placards reading #StopEACOP and "Insure our future not fossil fuels"

Total Energies and China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) are planning to build an oil pipeline through the heart of Africa, impacting the environment and communities from Uganda through Tanzania to the coast. To find out more about how the project is impacting local communities in East Africa, we spoke to one of the StopEACOP activists based in Tanzania…..

Curious Crowdfunder

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Happy Birthday to us! 

We are celebrating 5 years of Curious.Earth! 

To mark this momentous occasion we wanted to take the time to look back at everything we have achieved over the past 5 years, and we are also looking to the future with the launch of our Crowdfunder.

Hidden animal products – from Fashion to Fuel

Go Vegan graffiti on a wall covered with stickers

We all know a plant-based diet is good for the planet – in fact it’s one of the most impactful actions you can take as an individual (alongside greening your finances, and cutting out flying). BUT true veganism is more than just a diet. 

For some areas of our lives this is easy – maybe you even already buy vegan cleaning products, and cruelty-free cosmetics. However, did you know you might be using animal products without even knowing about it? Read on to find out more…

It turns out, animal products are used in everything from Aviation to Zinfandel! (Yep, sorry to be the one to break it to you, but that glass of wine you’re drinking probably isn’t vegan…)

Biomass – to burn or not to burn, that is the question…

Biomass energy (energy generated from organic material such as plants, wood, and waste) has long been a contentious issue amongst environmentalists, scientists, and governments. Interested parties claim it is a “carbon neutral, renewable” energy source, because the trees being burnt absorb carbon during their lifetime and during regrowth. However, this has been debunked on numerous occasions. Environmental campaigners continue to fight for biomass to be downgraded and for subsidies to be stopped.