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Ban The Bomb (the Carbon Bomb that is)

Carbon Bombs

‘Carbon bomb’? That doesn’t sound good… The term carbon bomb has been in use for years, describing large sources of carbon, most commonly fossil fuel projects. Now, new research led by the University of Leeds, has defined the term as applying to projects that have the potential to emit at least 1 billion tonnes (1Gt) of carbon over their lifetime. To give you an idea of exactly how scary that is – 1 billion tonnes is about 3 times the total annual emissions of the UK. Global carbon emissions are currently around 35 billion tonnes a year. 

Lets grill the Curious team…!

Members of the Curious Earth team

Hey there! This week, we’re taking the opportunity to introduce you to some of the team behind the emails and articles you receive in your inbox and social media feeds every week.

Curious Earth is made up of a bunch of curious (green) beans, who do lots of cool stuff for our planet, besides regularly contributing to this newssite! So we thought we’d take the opportunity to turn the tables and make the interviewers the interviewees, taking this word count to share with you some valuable environmental insight from the brains behind the articles. We hope their thoughts and recommendations continue to inspire you and help you to feel more connected to the environment and environmental causes.


Whats In My Clothes campaign photos

A couple of weeks ago saw the return of the annual Fashion Revolution campaign, designed to raise awareness of the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry. One of the questions they are encouraging consumers to think about is ‘What’s in my clothes?’ and we’re here to take a curious look into that very topic… 

Is Your Pension Funding Climate Chaos?

DIVEST campaigners

Here at we’ve written before about ethical investments and ensuring where you save your money aligns with your values…but what about divestment? Divestment is simply the opposite of investment – removing funds from companies that are unethical, for example arms manufacturers, tobacco companies, or fossil fuel companies. For an individual, that could mean switching your banking provider, investing in a green…

MIND THE GAP – Female environmentalists vs. Females in STEM

We’re taking a curious look at the gender gap on social media and how this relates to the real-life gender gap in climate science. Here at Curious.Earth we noticed that a surprising percentage of our Instagram followers identify as women – a staggering 71.8%! We decided to undertake some new research and find out whether other climate crisis related accounts had the…

HS2: Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

What’s Going On Here? HS2, the new high-speed railway being built to connect the North and South of the UK, has hit the news again this week. However, despite construction work ploughing on, changes to working patterns and increased public opposition are raising hopes that the project could be scrapped. What Does This Mean? This week, a new tunnelling machine (the first…