How to be an activist – first hand advice from some seasoned climate campaigners

A blue sticker with the extinction rebellion logo on is stuck on a lampost

Here at Curious.Earth we often tell you to take part in climate action, or to join a climate group – but what does that really mean? If you don’t already have friends who are in climate groups and you’ve not taken part in activism before, the thought of turning up to a meeting can be daunting. What goes on? What do climate…

Why you should care about volcanoes as global temperatures increase

There are pink and purple skies nearing sunset. A massive volcanic lava eruption fills the skies.

If you have kept up with the news in recent months, you are likely to have seen some striking images and videos of volcanic eruptions around the globe. No one can deny that volcanic eruptions are an astonishing, yet terrifying, sight.  Despite a global effort from universities and research centres to monitor volcanoes, it can be an expensive task. There are around…

Urban farming is making a comeback: Q&A with a first-time urban farmer

Woman kneels in flower garden holding flower bouquet to her face.

In the US, it was once commonplace to see vegetable gardens and small-scale farms in urban settings. WWII victory gardens once grew nearly 40% of the country’s produce, and farm animals ran loose in city streets. Over the decades, the divide between urban and rural became more stark, as the US agricultural system moved drastically towards monocultures and large swaths of urban…

Switzerland’s war on wolves

Grey wolf standing amongst trees

What comes to mind when you see the word ‘wolf’? A dangerous predator or a creature sadly misunderstood? Present day attitudes to the wolf are fiercely divided, causing conflict whenever new management strategies are debated. Most recently, Switzerland was the battleground for a controversial change to hunting rules, which allowed a national cull of the species and was met with furious outcry from environmental groups.

I believe that we will win – a round up of climate success stories

Climate activists in kayaks hold up signs that say 'Shell No'

Every day climate activists are making huge wins, and so much change is being made by grassroots campaigners working in their communities. We’ve highlighted a selection of climate campaign wins here.  Whether you’re a seasoned activist, or just starting a new year’s resolution to take more action for the climate, hopefully these success stories will inspire you to get involved.