Switzerland’s war on wolves

Grey wolf standing amongst trees

What comes to mind when you see the word ‘wolf’? A dangerous predator or a creature sadly misunderstood? Present day attitudes to the wolf are fiercely divided, causing conflict whenever new management strategies are debated. Most recently, Switzerland was the battleground for a controversial change to hunting rules, which allowed a national cull of the species and was met with furious outcry from environmental groups.

COP28 roundup: the promising, the cringe and the downright scary

Placard saying "one world" with picture of the globe

What’s going on here? The 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28 to its friends) has published its long-awaited and much-anticipated deal. After nearly a fortnight of talks, gaffes and disappointments, governments have agreed to “transition away” from fossil fuels. What does this mean? COP28 was hosted in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Its aim was to agree a new climate action…

Laws time to shine – how can litigation help save our planet?

Climate Litigation is here to stay, but what does this mean for you? Climate litigation has been on the rise over the last decade but what has caused this increase? And what does this even mean for our regular everyday life? What is Climate Litigation? Climate Litigation is the act of taking legal action to combat the climate crisis and involves arguments…

Our guardians of the sea are in troubled waters

Blue shark close up image

You may have heard about the importance of sharks in our seas. But this week, we are taking a deeper dive with Julian Engel, Senior Analyst at OceanMind and Co-Initiator of the Stop Finning EU initiative. Through this initiative, with passion, and teamwork, they managed to get 1,000,000 signatures needed in order to speak in front of the European Commission to demand…