The Golf Game isn’t up to Scratch 

A person plays golf on a flat green lawn with no trees in front of a large stately building

In August 2022, French climate activists filled in holes at golf courses near Toulouse with cement. In July 2023, Spanish activists followed suit, filling in holes at courses across Spain with soil and planting seedlings on the courses. The reason? Protesting golf’s very thirsty use of water in times of drought. At a time of unprecedented heatwaves and droughts fuelled by the…

Sustain Your Strength in Sustainability

As environmentally conscious curious earthlings, it can seem disheartening at times as we read countless news stories of insufficient action by governments, business and the rest of the world. THE WORLD IS ON FIRE! So why are we still flying to Marbella (or York!) rather than embracing slow travel, divesting from fossil fuels, and embracing nature-first recovery as we know we should?!…

Indigenous leaders call for policies to end ‘green colonialism’

A copper mine in Utah, USA.

What’s going on here? Indigenous leaders are putting pressure on clean energy mining projects to consult them before they extract minerals on their lands. At the 22nd session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, they are calling for binding policies. Mining projects should have to obtain their ‘free, prior, and informed consent’ (FPIC) before breaking ground. What does this mean? …

National Security, Global Insecurity

The idea that climate change constitutes a threat to national security is well established, with climate change first appearing as a debate in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) over 15 years ago, in 2007.  The concept gained traction quickly, with a study undertaken 5 years after the inaugural UNSC discussion estimating that around 70% of countries who had released national security…

Landmark lawsuit against Shell

What’s going on here? Oil and gas giant, Shell, is facing legal action on multiple fronts – including a landmark lawsuit which is the first notable one of its kind. The new lawsuit will target Shell’s senior leadership directly. What does this mean? Shell’s board of directors is being sued by Client Earth, an environmental law charity, on the grounds that they…

COP27 – Just another cop out?

Egypt satellite map

This weekend will see the start of COP27 in Egypt. The 27th UNFCCC Conference of Parties calls on governments around the world to “to rise to the occasion and tackle effectively the global challenge of climate”.
However, before it has even begun, COP27 has been heavily criticised and campaigners have little hope that it will bring about the action we desperately need to address the climate crisis.