Can we really afford cheap clothing?

a photo of a garment factory

Many of us know that fast fashion is harming the planet – we have previously written about the environmental impact of clothing manufacturing and the amount of plastics in clothing. But fast fashion also has a huge social cost, impacting the garment workers who manufacture our clothing and the communities that get left to clean up our discarded items. However, dealing with…

Landmark lawsuit against Shell

What’s going on here? Oil and gas giant, Shell, is facing legal action on multiple fronts – including a landmark lawsuit which is the first notable one of its kind. The new lawsuit will target Shell’s senior leadership directly. What does this mean? Shell’s board of directors is being sued by Client Earth, an environmental law charity, on the grounds that they…

COP27 – Just another cop out?

Egypt satellite map

This weekend will see the start of COP27 in Egypt. The 27th UNFCCC Conference of Parties calls on governments around the world to “to rise to the occasion and tackle effectively the global challenge of climate”.
However, before it has even begun, COP27 has been heavily criticised and campaigners have little hope that it will bring about the action we desperately need to address the climate crisis.

Patagonia boss: a billionaire no-more!

What’s going on here? Yvon Chouinard is an 83-year-old mountain climber who founded Patagonia: the outdoor clothing brand which eventually took him to billionaire status. Last week, Chouinard donated the company to fight the climate crisis. What does this mean? Patagonia remains in control by the Chouinard family via The Patagonia Purpose Trust, but it only holds 2% of the total stock.…

Flooding in Pakistan affecting over 33 million people

A girl carries her sibling as she walks through stranded flood water, following rains and floods during the monsoon season in Nowshera, Pakistan September 4, 2022. REUTERS/Fayaz Aziz

What’s going on here? Flooding in Pakistan since June has killed over 1,300 people and devastated villages, livelihoods and infrastructure. An estimated ⅓ of the country is underwater and over 33 million have been affected, so far. What does this mean? Record monsoon rains and melting glaciers in Pakistan’s northern mountains have brought floods that have affected 33 million people and killed…

Young people launching legal action on energy treaty at European Court

European Court of Human Rights

What’s going on here? Five young people aged between 17-31, who have experienced devastating extreme weather events are launching legal action at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) against the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT).  What does this mean? You’re probably wondering, like I did, what is the ECT and what does it have to do with human rights? So here’s a…