What would happen if the world stopped shopping?

A shopping mall

Let’s take a curious dive into J.B. MacKinnon’s thought-provoking thought experiment to find out!  Before we start, you might have some questions… Firstly, what is a thought experiment? A thought experiment is an exploration of a hypothetical situation, in this case: a world without shopping. What do we mean by shopping in this context? MacKinnon clarifies that by ‘shopping’ he is referring…

Climate anxiety common in young people all over the world

Someone looking anxious and holding their head in their hands

What’s going on here? New research has revealed that climate anxiety is common in young people on almost every continent – not just in western countries. What does this mean? The most international study on climate anxiety ever asked over 10,000 university students in 32 countries to disclose their feelings about climate change. The recently published findings found that climate breakdown scares…

Lets grill the Curious team…!

Members of the Curious Earth team

Hey there! This week, we’re taking the opportunity to introduce you to some of the team behind the emails and articles you receive in your inbox and social media feeds every week.

Curious Earth is made up of a bunch of curious (green) beans, who do lots of cool stuff for our planet, besides regularly contributing to this newssite! So we thought we’d take the opportunity to turn the tables and make the interviewers the interviewees, taking this word count to share with you some valuable environmental insight from the brains behind the articles. We hope their thoughts and recommendations continue to inspire you and help you to feel more connected to the environment and environmental causes.