What’s Going On Here?

Thursday 20th June (Today!) marks the UK’s largest clean air campaign, Clean Air Day, co-ordinated by our friends over at Global Action Plan.

The event highlights the significance of air quality on human health, but most importantly provides a platform to share ideas that will improve air quality and the health of ourselves and those around us.

What Does This Mean?

Established in 2017, Clean Air Day works to educate people and raise awareness of the impacts of air pollution. Across the country, more than 300 events are set to be held, ranging from no-idling awareness events to electric and hybrid vehicle showcases, there’s sure to be something for everyone!

This year’s event builds upon the success of Clean Air Day 2018, when more than 2,000 organisations and countless individuals took part in events across the UK!

Why Should We Care?

Hopefully it isn’t ground breaking news that air pollution harms our health, it has been a focal topic in the media for quite some time now!

Did you know that air pollution is as serious a public health issue as both cancer and heart disease? It’s linked with up to 40,000 premature deaths annually in the UK, particularly affecting young people and those with pre-existing heart and lung conditions.

57% of unborn babies are exposed to increased levels of toxic air pollution

Clean Air Day comes as we enter the warmer summer months, and provided that the weather sorts its act out, will see us all hopefully spending more time outdoors, whether walking to and from work or enjoying a G&T in the garden!

However, it’s even more important to be vigilant of air pollution in your local area during this period, as the effects of air pollution are enhanced when dispersion mechanisms (rain, wind etc.) are reduced and pollution is able to accumulate to even more dangerous levels.

Be Curious!

By the time this lands in your inbox you’ll have missed nine hours of Clean Air Day! Fear not – there’s plenty of time to get involved in an event near you.

Can’t attend an event? Use #CleanAirDay to share what you will be doing to combat air pollution where you live!

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