What’s Going On Here?

In a week where violence towards women has made headlines, Curious Earth looks at gender inequality in the environmental movement, and why women need to be included in decision making.

What Does This Mean?

Women are disproportionately affected by climate change impacts in comparison to their male counterparts. Yet, despite continued efforts of women in the environmental movement, systemic inequality continues to prevent women’s voices from being heard.

Why Should We Care?

An analysis of 130 peer-reviewed studies concluded that 68% of them found that women’s health was more adversely affected by climate issues than men, with women of colour most exposed to unpredictable and extreme, climate-related weather patterns. 

Globally, women are more likely than men to be affected by climate-related food insecurity. They are also more likely to suffer from mental illness following extreme weather events.  

In Dec 2020, a report by IUCN declared that the climate breakdown was fuelling violence against women around the world.  Furthermore, gender-based exploitation can prevent community adaptation strategies from being effective and can heighten gender inequality.

Moving the climate conversation forward is wholly dependent on amplifying female voices. Their perspective and experiences are invaluable for finding solutions that have equal impact for both men and women.  Yet still, women are hugely underrepresented across the board. In fact, when this year’s COP summit leadership team in Glasgow was announced men vastly outnumber female representatives. So clearly more needs to be done to ensure our voices are recognised.

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