Curious.Earth champion manager and world-class writer turns 30!

What’s Going On Here?

This week we see huge news in the climate change sector as legendary Curious.Earther Helen turns 30. 

The news has sent shockwaves through the industry as readers of her amazing content assumed she was 50+ given the extent of her sustainability knowledge.

What Does This Mean?

Well a birthday is one thing, but 30! Wow, that’s serious stuff! Everyone at Curious.Earth would like the thank Hels, for her contribution to Curious.Earth. 

Our favourite articles of Helen’s Include: 

22 reasons to be curiously hopeful for 2022 – Helen in a nutshell – forever positive 🙂

Greening my finance – a guide to marking your money positively impact our planet – Helen always looking to offer solutions to big problems!

E-scooters – a wheely good idea? – Helen, never afraid of a cheesy pun!  

“I’ve been a big fan of her work for the last few years, and given the quality and level of writing I assumed she was much closer to my age – keep up the great work Helen”

Sir David Attenborough

Why Should We Care? 

This Curious.Family member has written 26 articles over the last three years and contributed to the writing of a further 100+. 

It’s estimated that her work has reached over 100,000 thousand people and created a lasting positive impact! 

“Helen has been a cornerstone in the Curious.Earth family over the last 3-4 years, she injects so much energy into everyone’s lives and helps keeps things running smoothly, I honestly wonder if we would have made it to 4 years without her… a good chance not”

Conrad Langridge – CoFounder – Curious.Earth

Be Curious


p.s. Want to check out Helen’s work – take a look here:

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