What’s Going On Here?

The World Economic Forum in Davos wrapped up late last week after world leaders turned up to blow their own alphorns. This year there was (supposed to be) a heavy focus on how climate change is and will effect economies. In case you didn’t sit through 4 days of talks, here are some of our high & low-lights:

The Good

A fantastic new project was launched by packaging company TerraCycle, where you can purchase branded goods in reusable containers. Once you have used them, Loop will come and pick them up, wash and re-fill them for you.

Up to 300 products will be available from big brands such as P&G, Unilever, Nestle, Coca-cola. Bringing back the old ‘milkman’ model, CEO Tom Szaky exclaimed “we can’t just recycle our way out of the garbage crisis, we need foundational changes.”

Greta Thunberg
Swedish teenager who has sparked climate protests by children all across the globe with her activism, turned up (via train as well as camped in the snow) at the World Economic Forum, to give economic leaders a talking to. Declaring “Our house is on fire… I want you to panic.”

The Bad

Gender Equality
Only 22% of attendees to WEF were women. This is up from 21% last year, but is no-where near where we all know it should be. Check out: Why having a female boss is good for the environment.

1,500+ Private Jets
Over 1,500 private jets flew into the small Swiss town of Davos. Global leaders need to be setting an example, not making a mockery of the situation the world is in. (Sorry, that includes you Sir David Attenborough)

The Ugly

It was announced at the WEF that the world produces more than 44.7 million tonnes of electronic waste a year. That is the equivalent to 125,000 jumbo jets, which is more than all the commercial jet planes ever built, with Africa becoming a ‘dumping site’ for e-waste.

Be Curious!

Check out this TED talk from 16 year old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg and some of her best quotes.