Happy Earth Day from curious.earth!

Here are 8 simple changes you can make TODAY to reduce your impact on the planet!

1. Buy a reusable, refillable or biodegradable cup or bottle.

2. Eat a meat-free dinner ???????????????? – around 15% of the world’s emissions come from the meat industry.

3. Choose one plastic item you regularly buy/use and pledge to use a plastic-free alternative.

4. Turn off an appliance. See that TV on standby ????

5. Plant a herb ???? and swerve the plastic supermarket packaging

6. Share a bath! ???? We love sharing baths at Curious Earth. If that’s not an option for you, take a shorter shower.

7. Ditch the car or Uber and walk or cycle instead.

8. Finally, get outside and rediscover your love of planet Earth!

One final thought from us below đŸ™‚

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