What’s going on here?

Early this week activists from Extinction Rebellion stripped down and took to the House of Commons to protest climate change while UK MPs were debating Brexit.

The naked truth

Extinction Rebellion, who describe themselves as a ‘non-violent direct action and civil disobedience’ group, have staged some pretty big demonstrations across the UK recently. They want politicians to do more to tackle the climate emergency.

From throwing ‘blood’ outside Downing Street in early March, to blocking 5 bridges in London and gluing their hands to a UK government building last November, these activists are doing all they can to cause a stir. They have 3 demands for Government:

Get your bits out!

OK OK you don’t need to get your bits out to take action on climate change (and in this weather we definitely don’t advise it!).

  • Join the rebellion – head to Parliament Square, London on 15 April for the beginning of International Rebellion (more details here).
  • Influence your local MP to do more on climate change. The Climate Coalition are building a cross-party letter to the Prime Minister asking her to back a UK net zero emissions target. Find out if your MP has signed, and ask them to if they haven’t! (Do it quick while the bums are on their mind!)

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