What’s Going On Here?

What with all of the current Covid- 19 media coverage, world leaders and other politicians have been behaving verrryy sneakily, removing or avoiding important environmental legislation…

What Does This Mean?

Last week, it was announced that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (an independent executive agency of the government) will not enforce any environmental protection measures as of 26th March. This announcement means that even the most basic of environmental laws (for example the Clean Air and Water Acts that ensure the air we breathe and water we drink is safe and clean), do not need to be adhered to. This ruling has no end date….Did many of us notice? With society and the media focussed on the ongoing Ccovid- 19 pandemic, probably not….At the same time, Brazil announced that enforcement measures to protect the rainforest would be scaled back due to budget constraints and risk of agent exposure. The risk of vast areas being deforested is expected to increase as a direct result.

In the EU, the new ‘Green Deal’ that was proposed earlier this year has been suspended, with projections and economic forecasting needing to be re-modelled to include the impact of the current pandemic. Politicians from Poland and Czech Republic have since stated that, given the current events, the scheme should be abandoned completely.

Why Should We Care?

Environmental legislation protects humans and nature in the short AND long term, ensuring we, and the environment we live in, is safe, healthy and full of life. It is vital that we hold politicians to account when obligations concerning climate change and environmental degradation are not followed through! There is an opportunity with the current pandemic to create a better, more sustainable future, but in order for that to even begin to be realised, we must ensure that current standards are upheld.

These events also teach us the importance of keeping a close eye on other events besides the pandemic at this time.

Be Curious!

  • Follow your favourite environmental news channels (including curious.earth of course) to ensure you’re up to date with how the current pandemic may be impacting other sectors and the issues we all care about.
  • Be aware of what other legislative changes are being carried out under the Trump administration in the US (warning, it’s pretty shocking!).
  • Don’t give up the eco-fight – we at Curious.earth are finding this current period of isolation as difficult as you! But don’t let it dampen your eco spirit – there is so much work still to be done, and new opportunities will arise from this current upheaval! 

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