What’s Going On Here?

The Green Party increased their vote numbers by 64.69% in the general election, which is more than any other party. With a total of 865,697 votes last Thursday compared to 525,665 in 2017, the Green Party were the 5th most voted for party (despite only winning one seat – Brighton Pavilion).

What Does This Mean?

Ok so, ‘that’ happened last week and most of us feel pretty poo about it, but despite the result, positives can definitely be taken.

The number of Green Party votes overall and the percentage increase clearly shows that the fate of our planet is on a lot more peoples’ minds than it was just two years ago.

More impressive Green Party stats from the election include:

????Caroline Lucas (Brighton Pavilion) increased her share of the vote by 4.9% to a total of 57.2%.

????Carla Denyer (Bristol West) came 2nd in her constituency with a 12% increase in vote share to 25%.

????Jonathan Bartley (Dulwich and West Norwood) came 2nd in his constituency with a 14% increase in vote share up to 16.5%.

No single-use party decorations were used in the creation of this article!

Why Should We Care?

Whatever the result was in your own constituency, this % is surely too big to ignore for any party in power. So whether they like it or not, politicians will have to look more carefully at their environmental policies if they are to properly reflect the populations’ concerns (and get more votes in the future).

Let’s try and look on the bright green side…!

Be Curious!

  1. Find out how you can help the Green Party ahead of our next general election
  2. Write to your local MP about the environmental issues on your mind
  3. Support volunteer-run environmental movements… like…. curious.earth for example. Share out email & quiz with friends, family & colleagues today!