What’s Going On Here?

The most popular exhibit at Ecobuild 2018 was the new two-storey one-bed ZEDpod. The zero-carbon, factory-built home can be built in two-and-a-half weeks and could help solve the problem of overpopulation.

What Does This Mean?

Off-site or factory-built homes, like those from the ZEDfactory are on the rise. They generally offer higher quality products while reducing construction waste and inner-city emissions. On top of that, they’re around 20% quicker than similar site-builds. Think ☔️ rain breaks for one time saving.

By building them over car parks or other spaces (see image), ZEDpod can workaround overcrowding by using all that room up in the air. The company is collaborating with the Chinese government and a number of UK councils meaning we could see these affordable pods (around £110,000 to buy) popping up across the world or even in a neighbourhood near you.

And, hey, they’re zero-carbon. So what’s not to like?

Why Should We Care?

With the protection of the green belt & the increasing demand for housing in UK cities, you may soon find yourself in one of these pods. Don’t worry all fittings and fixtures are included as well as a solar panel system which can meet around 80% of your energy demands ????.

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