What’s Going On Here?

The star of the show at Ecobuild 2018 was Airlite photocatalytic paint which improves air quality both inside and outside buildings.

What Does This Mean?

To start with: Photocatalytic = Photo (light) + catalytic (speeds up a reaction)

So… by activating natural antioxidants in the air, the paint helps to capture and destroy pollutants like nitrogen oxides (using light). Lab tests suggest 100m2 of paint has the same pollution-reducing power as 100m2 of forest.

Why Should We Care?

Simply, this paint can save lives. According to the World Health Organization, more than 15% of chronic diseases are caused by poor air quality. According to Kings’ College London, approximately 9,500 premature deaths occur each year in London due to air pollution, with nitrous oxides being the most noxious of these pollutants. Living in a polluted city like London is estimated to take a year off your life expectancy and significantly more for vulnerable people.

The paint can also eliminate bacteria, prevent mould, cut cooling costs and neutralise odours and ……. it is available in a range of colours too! ????

Factoid: If Buckingham Palace were painted with Airlite, in a single day it would neutralise the pollution created by 4,580 cars

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