What’s Going On Here?

Educating girls has a huge positive impact on global warming. A study has ranked this effort at the 6th most important change our global society can make to cut climate change!

Population growth… eeek

Global population is growing, with recent stats showing year on year growth of 1.07%, or 82 million new peeps! The trouble is…

More people = More emissions

We covered the topic back in August when we wrote the article: “Should we have less children?”But for many, having children isn’t a choice but a necessity.

Research shows – population growth and women’s rights go hand in hand. Women who are empowered, educated and autonomous are far more likely to have fewer children.

Educate girls!

According to Canadian publisher Globe and Mail, if every single girl in the world were to finish secondary school, we would have 843 million fewer people on the planet by 2050.

Why? Because educated and empowered women are more likely to seek access to contraception and family planning and are more likely to manage their own reproductive health.

Be Curious!

Encourage the education of women – Be it a direct donation to The Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED), or buying that new book from Oxfam store, you dosh does make a difference.

Celebrate childfree women – Yep, mothers day is nice! But dont forget non-mothers, they need some love too.

Raise feminist boys – It’s not just a problem for the girls!

Support women’s rights – The more we speak about equality, the more it will become normal! Many agendas, legislation, political stuff like this starts in UK and makes its way across the globe!

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