What’s Going On Here?

Fast food giants, McDonalds, have announced that they are trialling Vegan Nuggets, (sorry, McNuggets) across restaurants in Norway.

Do People Want To Eat Vegan Nuggets?

If the reaction is anything similar to the vegan sausage roll that Greggs launched for Veganuary in then yes.

A third of British people have now stopped or reduced their meat eating, according to the supermarket Waitrose. Supply and demand my curious.friends!

But, a very big but (and I cannot lie), McDonald’s are not very environmentally friendly or ethical. Sure, you knew that already, but we thought it was worth reminding you.

Companies like McDonald’s have to contend with a huuge wall of science that suggest we need to reduce our meat, and especially our beef consumption asap. But are they actually doing anything about it?

Why Should We Care?

In 2017 McDonald’s alone used just over 1.6 billion tonnes of beef. That is a massive carbon hoof-print equivalent to the annual emissions for 4.8 million cars.

McDonald’s are a huge company with huge environmental impacts. Every ‘little’ change such as replacing 1.8 million plastic straws a day in the UK with paper straws has a far greater global impact than your local kebab shop doing the same thing.

But they are still doing things like buying chicken (around 35%) that is fed on soy that has been grown as a direct result of deforestation across the Amazon.

So come on Ronald, stop clowning around and make some real changes to your menu & processes. Prove that McDonald’s is actually a happy meal for the planet as well as our bellies!

Be Curious!

Instead of gorging on 300 chicken nuggets, why not try something new. It doesn’t have to look or even taste like vegetables.

Try substituting out the meat in just one of your meals this weekend or give Meat Free Mondays a go.

Let us know how you get on! Vegan nuggets all the way!

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