What’s Going On Here?

So we need to plant more trees, and Wales have gone and done it – commissioning a National Forest that will run the full length of the country!

What Does This Mean?

The Welsh First Minister announced an initial £15m fund for the woodland, which is designed to protect nature whilst also boosting tourism by creating a ‘connected ecological network’ across the country. Drawing inspiration from the Wales Coastal Path (a path that stretches across the entire country), the National Forest would mean that visitors will be able to walk the length and breadth of the country in pre-existing, or newly planted woodland!

The forest is one of many attempts to create a healthy environment for future generations within Wales. The forest will also help to drive tourism, protect unique and rare woodland species and help the country to achieve its net-zero carbon ambitions.

Why Should We Care?

Because trees and forests provide so many benefits to us and the environment that we often neglect! As well as capturing and storing carbon from our atmosphere, they also positively impact our health and wellbeing, clean our air and make our environment more resistant to extreme events e.g. flooding and soil erosion.

This scheme by the government demonstrates the economic, social AND environmental benefits that can be achieved from such schemes. This is an example of efforts to increase our forest cover in the UK in a way that brings together all stakeholders – young and old, businesses, even farmers and other large landowners are actively being encouraged to help plant trees! This is at a time when scepticism is rising regarding the government’s ability to deliver its ambitious targets for tree planting across the rest of the UK.

Be Curious!

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????Improve your mental wellbeing with some trees – read this and learn more about the new phenomenon ‘forest bathing’ ????

????Support the Woodland’s Trust bid to increase tree cover nationwide, whether that’s planting yourself or supporting others to do so! ????

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