What’s Going On Here?

Earlier this month, musician and songwriter Nick Mulvey released the world’s first record made from plastic waste washed up in Cornwall. Music to our ears! ????

What Does This Mean?

We thought this was pretty damn cool, not just because we’re Nick fans but a track pressed onto a record made from recycled plastic? It’s a big curious yes from us. To check out how the ocean vinyl was made, watch this short film! To top it off, proceeds from his new single ‘The Anthropocene’, are going to environmental charity Surfers Against Sewage to protect British coastlines from pollution ????.

In Nick’s words ????️ “Lyrically the song explores themes of responsibility and freedom in this time of urgent ecological and social crisis (and opportunity), aka ‘the Anthropocene’.”

Nick’s funky yet oh so sustainable vinyl is a great example of how the music industry can and is starting to jump on board the eco train – in terms of both influencing people through the power of lyrics and tackling the plastic and packaging that comes with CDs and vinyl. ????

Why Should We Care?

Despite the takeover of online music streaming (not without its own environmental problems...), sales of vinyl records over the last decade have soared. With vinyl back in fashion, so are its unsustainable production practices. Although originally made from shellac, a natural resin, vinyl are now mostly made from non-recyclable PVC plastic – classic. Upcycling Cornish ocean plastic into vinyl isn’t exactly going to solve the plastic problem, but it sure is a fun start. ????

With predictions of more plastic by weight than fish sloshing around in the oceans by 2050, the fashion industry have also cottoned on to this surplus (without the cotton of course…). Our personal faves are Lucy & Yak’s fleeces made from recycled plastic bottleswyattandjack’s bags upcycled from broken bouncy castles, deckchairs & inflatables and batoko’s 100% plastic waste swimwear.????

Be Curious!

Have a listen to ‘The Anthropocene’ by Nick Mulvey…and if you fancy a few more eco-bangers to feel the Earth love, head to our very special curious.earth playlist we’ve put together just for you! Enjoy… ????

Check out the declaration made by the Music Declares Emergency group and sign up if you’re that way inclined.⚠️

Get litter picking, get beach cleaning and see what creations you can make from your collections! For some sushi inspired inspo, check out textile designer Alice Revell’s soy sauce earrings! ????