What’s Going On Here?

It’s in our own hands. That’s the theme of Recycling Week 2019, the annual celebration of recycling organised by WRAP, which is taking place this week between 23-29 September.

What Does This Mean?

After big Dave hit us with Blue Planet 2, 2018 was the year Britain opened its eyes to plastic pollution. After Greta inspired the world, 2019 is the year of the environmental activist. The campaign therefore calls on people to take direct action to rinse, crush, squash, sort and separate their recyclable items, with the aim of making the circular economy second nature for the UK government, businesses and residents.

With environmental concerns firmly at the top of the agenda, more than 80 organisations from across the UK are getting involved, from Tesco to Aldi, and John Lewis to H&M.

Why Should We Care?

Although the aftermath of Blue Planet 2 saw businesses, local authorities and national government increase their waste targets, there is evidence to suggest that the UK is trapped in a cycle that ultimately ends up with us sending the majority of our recycling waste to developing nations.

The UK has an EU target of recycling at least 50% of waste generated by households by 2020, yet recycling rates are currently only between 43% and 46%. With only just over 60% of UK households receiving recycling guidelines from their local councils, campaigns such as the Recycling Week are ever more important for improving the nations recycling rates!

Be Curious!

At a time where government action just isn’t cutting it, collective individual actions are ever more important. There are loads of useful resources available to get you recycling as part of Recycling Week 2019.

Ever wondered what to do with your empty de-o can? Your batteries? It’s easier than you think…find out how to recycle your waste here!

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