What’s Going On Here?

This Friday (15th March) is set to be the biggest in a series of ‘School strikes for climate.’ The growing movement of embattled youngsters forcing world leaders to take action on climate change.

School Children Strike Back

Hundreds of thousands of children across 98 countries are expected to down their pencils & fountain pens this Friday. Inspired by a 16-year-old Swedish schoolgirl with Aspergers, Greta Thunberg, School Strikes for Climate is growing fast.

Many world leaders are supporting the strikes. “Don’t underestimate the power of your voice,” encouraged New Zealand PM Jacinda Adhern. But some, like Aussie state education minister Rob ‘No jokes’ Stokes, aren’t. “You simply can’t strike if you don’t have a job…this is a notified school day, kids should be at school”.

British PM Theresa May also said that the children on school strikes are “wasting lesson time”. That may be the case, but political leaders have wasted 30 years of inaction. We know which is worse!

Why Should We Care?

This movement’s pace of growth means, for a generation of young people, Fridays might never be the same again.

Friday has begun to stand for a ‘rebellion’, which is thrusting a dilemma onto governments. Take action on climate change or be complicit in a generation of young people forced to forgo their right to education. As the movement grows, expect governments to begin to accept they have no choice but to act.

Be Curious!

At Curious.earth, we’re a pretty law-abiding bunch, but sometimes you’ve gotta do wrong to do right. These school kids aren’t law breakers, they’re just employing their right to peaceful protest.

It is the perfect example of the butterfly effect. And how one person taking a small step, can create change. Why not join a strike this Friday (you can always pop out in your lunch break). Or take part in an Extinction Rebellion march.

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