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Is 17 Degrees Really That Hot? Record Breaking Global Temperatures Explained

an image of a thermometer over a bright blue sky with a blazing sun. The temperature on the thermometer reads over 40 degrees celsius.

What’s going on here? The first week of July this year saw record breaking global average temperatures. On Monday 3rd July a record high temperature of 17.01 degrees celsius was reached. This record was immediately broken on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th ofJuly with temperatures of 17.18 degrees. What does this mean? These temperatures may not seem very high, but this is…

Germany – energy vs. the environment

Lützerath and Garzweiler coal mine

Back in 2021 Germany was celebrating the election of a new coalition government (which includes the Green party) and hopes were high for a new era of environmental action. But now, Germany, like much of Europe, is struggling with energy supply issues due to the war on Ukraine. As a result, it looks extremely likely that climate policies will fall, as short term solutions for this more immediate issue take priority. A small town called Lützerath has become a key site in this battle between energy and the environment…