What’s going on here?

The UK is planning to build a new satellite which will help detect and monitor global heating and natural disasters from space.

 It will be among the first in a new network of satellites called the Atlantic Constellation. The satellites observe the land and shares data with other members, including Spain and Portugal.

What does this mean?

The Atlantic Constellation is an innovative global project developing satellites to monitor the Earth’s oceans and climate. It aims to collect data on natural disasters, such as storms. This data is valuable because these severe weather events are intensifying and occurring more frequently due to the climate crisis.

This new satellite is being funded by the UK space agency and a company called Open Cosmos. It will help to provide “valuable and regularly updated data” about the Earth’s surface.

Why should we care?

One of the key aims of the project is to help reduce the risks to people’s lives and homes from the impacts of natural disasters and speed up relief efforts. It will also provide in-depth data on climate indicators, which could provide early warning of bigger changes to weather patterns.

Minister of State at the Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology, Andrew Griffith, said: “Earth observation will play an absolutely vital role in tackling global challenges like climate change and disaster relief, providing the data we need at speed while supporting key UK industries like agriculture and energy.”

Be curious!

Featured image from NASA via Unsplash.

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