What’s Going On Here?

If successful at next week’s US presidential election, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden plans to implement an extensive climate policy that would reverse the Trump Administration’s years of environmental roll backs.

What Does This Mean?

The $2 trillion dollar plan aims to significantly increase the use of clean energy in transportation, electricity and building sectors, initiating a major shift away from oil.

Why Should We Care?

Biden’s policy, albeit ambitious, is starkly different from his opponent Trump’s. The current president has called climate change a hoax and withdrawn the US from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement which comes into effect on November 4th.

In contrast, Biden has vowed to immediately rejoin the Paris deal. He also proposes actions such as protecting the Arctic from oil exploration and stopping pipeline projects like the controversial Keystone XL.

Biden’s proposed climate strategies which include reaching net zero emissions by 2050, are more in line with other UN countries. His focus on environmental policies signals the democratic party’s commitment to mitigating the climate crisis.

Be Curious!

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???????? Remind your American friends to vote & pledge to be an environmental voter!

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