What’s Going On Here?

The Woman’s Hour Power List 2020 has been announced this week celebrating women making significant contributions to the health and sustainability of our planet. Hooray!

What Does This Mean?

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party MP, is top of the list of remarkable women who have made protecting our planet their personal priority. Environmental lawyer, Farhana Yamin is second with judges describing her as a “powerhouse for climate justice”. 

The list is full to the brim with passionate decision-makers, innovators, communicators, scientists, campaigners and volunteers. Recognising youthful activism from campaigners and influencers like Mikaela Loach, Mya-Rose Craig and Holly Gillibrand. And, profiling the efforts of women who have dedicated years of their life to leave lasting legacies. We have Brenda Boardman to thank for energy efficiency labelling, Judy Ling-Wong for founding the Black Environment Network and Kate Humble for entertaining audiences. 

Karen Dalziel, editor of Woman’s Hour highlights that “it’s not just the work they’re doing that sets them apart, it’s the scale of their passion, dedication and determination to bring about lasting charge that is so inspiring.

Here’s the full list for you to explore and enjoy

Why Should We Care?

When the news is full of promises, pledges, and targets for the future that sound good, but you can’t quite trust, let’s celebrate the REAL good stuff. 

Let’s celebrate the progress that has already been made. Let’s celebrate the leaders already making a change. And let’s thank these women for their passion and hard work.

Be Curious!

  • Explore the Woman’s Power Hour list and support the continuing achievements of these POWER Women.
  • Who has inspired you? You could write your own list, celebrate them and express your gratitude
  • Check out this initiative to support the next young environmental activists https://www.rhodeshouse.ox.ac.uk/about/rise/

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