Climate Change

The latest art gallery protests: extreme or justified?

What’s Going On Here? Climate activists have been gluing themselves to world-famous paintings to protest the burning of fossil fuels during a climate crisis. The latest event occurred over the weekend in Madrid’s Prado museum. What Does It Mean? Two climate activists glued their hands to Goya’s “La Maja Vestida” and “La Maja Desnuda”. They also spray-painted “+1.5 C” on the gallery…

A golden floating rainforest in the sea with no coastline

Blue open ocean to horizon

Nestled in the bottom corner of the North Atlantic, circling Bermuda, you’ll find a sea with no coastline. Forming part of the High Seas, the Sargasso Sea is brimming with mystery and magic. Perhaps it’s the proximity to the famed Bermuda Triangle; perhaps it’s that few seem to have heard of the sea, despite its importance. Or perhaps it’s what bobs on…

COP27 – Just another cop out?

Egypt satellite map

This weekend will see the start of COP27 in Egypt. The 27th UNFCCC Conference of Parties calls on governments around the world to “to rise to the occasion and tackle effectively the global challenge of climate”.
However, before it has even begun, COP27 has been heavily criticised and campaigners have little hope that it will bring about the action we desperately need to address the climate crisis.

Dunking GDP for the Doughnut

As we’re hearing a lot at the moment from politicians on both sides of the political spectrum, ‘growing the economy’ is a key underpinning of their economic manifestos. The recent party conferences were abuzz with promises of growth, with the Conservatives promising to ‘grow, grow, grow’ our economy and Labour arguing for their own ideas to boost economic growth. Indeed, ‘growth’ has…

A de-facto windfall tax on renewables? 

What’s going on here? Earlier this month the UK Government introduced the Energy Prices Bill to the House of Commons. The bill would give the Government emergency powers, intended to help households and businesses with increasing energy costs. What does this mean? In light of massive energy price rises, many have welcomed the financial support for consumers and businesses. But, industry and…

Climate anxiety common in young people all over the world

Someone looking anxious and holding their head in their hands

What’s going on here? New research has revealed that climate anxiety is common in young people on almost every continent – not just in western countries. What does this mean? The most international study on climate anxiety ever asked over 10,000 university students in 32 countries to disclose their feelings about climate change. The recently published findings found that climate breakdown scares…