What’s Going On Here?

Our good friends: Global Action Plan (GAP) Youth Panel have launched a faaantastic new campaign that is aiming to help us all reduce take-away waste from our lives!


What Is Long Live The Lunchbox?

The new initiative asking restaurants and cafes of the UK to inform customers that they accept their containers. Just as we have seen with the BYO coffee cup boom!What we love about the campaign, is that it doesn’t just tackle single-use plastic, but single-use packaging as a whole!

Too many companies think the green step to a “bio-degradable” paper tub is the solution…NOPE it’s the re-usable LUNCH BOX and the legends at GAP Youth Panel have nailed it!

Why Should We Care?

This new campaign should help you get you make use of that Fireman Sam lunch box you kept from all those years ago!

But beyond looking cool, saving the f*****g world and letting the man know your priorities. This switch may well save you some coin!

A typical pop-up would spend around 3-5% of its overheads on packaging and then has to deal with the logistics of sourcing, storing and making the damn things.

We can see it now: “50p off if you bring your own tub”

Be Curious!

Take your tupawear to work – bang it in front of your local salad deli and fingers crossed they get involved!

If they like your style – direct them to the project home page GLOBAL ACTION PLAN where they can order the pink “We accept your containers here” sticker!

Long Live the Lunchbox is the first campaign created and undertaken by GAP’s youth panel; a group of young people aged between 18-24 passionate about living sustainably.


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