What’s Going On Here?

New documentary ‘Game Changers’, strips bare the misconceptions which surround meat and its label of superiority when it comes to protein, masculinity, muscles and sporting success.

A key section of the documentary focuses on Dr Aaron Spitz’s study which tracked the strength, longevity and number of erections had by three American university athletes. The results…eating a plant-based diet can boost your erection by nearly 500%.

What Does This Mean?

Yeah, it’s me talking about sex again, but this time it’s different trust me. Have a read…

We know that protein is essential for growth, repair, energy and overall maintenance of our bodies, but exactly where we get our protein from is certainly a topic of great debate with the rise of veganism, which has quadrupled in the past 4 years here in the UK, and one that this documentary shows is not necessarily best coming from animal sources.

In the documentary, author of The Penis Book Dr Aaron Spitz, conducted an experiment which showed the effect a plant-based diet can have on the quality of blood and endurance. But what has this got to do with erections? Well, just that, ENDURANCE.

“When I think of a manly man, I think of someone who has strength, endurance, sexual prowess and fertility. ‘In fact, what the scientific studies are showing, is that the more meat men eat, the more quickly they lose their…manly manhood.” Dr Spitz, explains.

The study involved placing two rings on the participants’ penises, one at the base and the other at the tip. These measured the strength, longevity and number of hard-ons had by them, over the course of two nights following different meal choices. Night 1’s meal was a meat-based burrito and Night 2’s meal, a plant-based burrito.

All three athletes’ results improved on Night 2 following their plant-based burrito, with one of them seeing a 477% difference in how many minutes he had an erection for.

Overall, Dr Spitz’s research reveals that a plant-based diet can result in providing optimal fuel, increase blood flow, make muscles more efficient and speed recovery by lowering inflammation.

Why Should We Care?

Caring about our body and its performance isn’t only reserved for athletes. This study and MANY others show that shifting towards a plant-based diet isn’t only beneficial for animals and the environment but it can benefit you too!

So if you’re someone that needs a selfish reason to make a change (no judgement – we all need that sometimes!) then maybe this is one for you? Whether that be better performance on the streets or between the sheets…and if you’re reading this and you don’t have a penis, share this with somebody who does – share the love 😉

Be Curious!

Why not watch the documentary itself on Netflix? If you don’t have an account, I am sure you have the login details to a friend’s…don’t we all? Enjoy!

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