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Stories from the Frontline: the Activist Fighting to Keep Indonesia Afloat

Indonesian Activist in red overalls speaking through a microphone

Today, the frontlines series continues with an interview with Yudi Iskandar, a 20 year-old climate activist from Makassar, Indonesia. Yudi became a climate activist after realising that the reason his house was submerged by floods in the rainy season was linked to the climate crisis – and that the consequences and causes of the crisis were not divided equally.

Five ways to swerve the financial costs of environmentalism

Here at Curious Earth, we talk a lot about the role privilege plays in the climate crisis. We try to raise awareness of the disproportionate impacts of environmental degradation, biodiversity loss, and extreme weather events on the global south and many other marginalised groups. (Check out our Stories from the Frontline series to hear directly from those worst affected.) Yet, we also want…


Whats In My Clothes campaign photos

A couple of weeks ago saw the return of the annual Fashion Revolution campaign, designed to raise awareness of the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry. One of the questions they are encouraging consumers to think about is ‘What’s in my clothes?’ and we’re here to take a curious look into that very topic…