Happy Birthday to us! 

We are celebrating 5 years of Curious.Earth! 

To mark this momentous occasion we wanted to take the time to look back at everything we have achieved over the past 5 years, and we are also looking to the future with the launch of our Crowdfunder. 

Donate to our Crowdfunder

The success of Curious.Earth is down to the hard work of our amazing volunteers (and, of course, thanks to the love and support of our readers and followers!). 

Since the creation of Curious.Earth, we’ve published 425 articles, sent 265 newsletters, and shared 1181 posts on social media. Everything we have done has been created, managed, and funded by volunteers – 54 to date, who have given 9620 hours of their time. 

It costs nearly £1,000 a year to keep Curious.Earth running (if you’re feeling curious, you can check out our costs), and so we are asking for your help to make sure we can keep the curious climate content coming! 

We’ve launched a Crowdfunder appeal to try and raise enough money to cover our running costs for the next year (website hosting, google accounts, canva, etc.), plus a little bit extra which will enable us to invest in improvements. We want Curious.Earth to be even bigger and better! 

In the next year we are looking to:

  • Improve our website. In particular we want to improve the accessibility of the site by looking into options such as a screen reading tool. We also know there are some basic things we need to work on to make the site easier to navigate and more user-friendly. 
  • Register as an official charity. Ideally we would like to become a charity to formalise the structure of the project and to legitimise the amazing work our volunteers are doing. 
  • Become financially sustainable. This Crowdfunder is just the first step to allow us to keep operating in the short-term. For the long-term, we want to look at ways that we can become less reliant on volunteers and individual donors to fund our work, by accessing funding opportunities and grants. Registering as a charity is one of the steps we hope will help us to do this. 
  • Grow our social media presence. We have recruited some volunteers to grow our social media team and develop a strategy to improve our reach and engagement (and even, dare we say it, to prepare to launch on TikTok!). We want to make sure that as many people as possible see the incredible content our talented writers work hard to create. 

As you can see, we’ve got big plans, and to achieve them we need you! If all of our newsletter subscribers donated just £1 we would smash our target, so please if you can, make a donation big or small. With your help we’ll be able to Stay Curious for the next 5 years (or maybe even the next 50 – think big!). 

Donate to our Crowdfunder

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